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What is Corkfessions?

Welcome to Corkfessions (short for Corkboard Confessions)!

We think talking about life and the meaning of life is awesome!  Yet, it seems like we don't get that many opportunities to do so.  We're either too busy or it's too hard to find good conversation partners or it's just too awkward to bring up the stuff we really want to talk about.

While it's obviously no substitute for real, in-person conversation with friends, we've created Corkfessions to help there be more of these awesome conversations at MIT.  Corkfessions is based on a very simple idea: if we talk about our own personal experiences, it opens up the doors for great spiritual discussion.  Conversations about religion and other spiritual topics can often get heated and contentious and that's usually not very fun.  We've found that rather than talking about abstract ideas (and our opinions on the veracity of those ideas), just talking about meaningful experiences we've had in life goes a long way.

Hopefully Corkfessions can give you just a taste of what these kinds of conversations are like.  You'll notice that corkfessions are first-person statements that express what's going on for you spiritually. So they include words like 'I', 'me', or 'my' and are based on your own experience. Generalizations about people, people groups, religions don't make good corkfessions and will likely not be posted.

Some portion of the corkfessions posted here will be translated into physical Corkfession posters that will be posted around MIT to further stimulate spiritual discussion. By submitting a corkfession, you are agreeing to allow your post to be displayed publicly in all manner of forms.

Corkfessions is brought to you by TGBSM.