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If something is true and I don't believe it, does it make it untrue?

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Air Jordan 1 Retro Hi OG Black/Varsity Red

We’ve spent countless words touting the upcoming Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue and Taxi XII, but remember, the Air Jordan 1 Retro Hi OG Black/Varsity Red releases in December as well, and one could certainly make the case that it’s the best shoe of December.

Donning not just classic colors but classic color-blocking, the shoe sports a predominantly black leather upper, with contrast red leather on the heel, Swoosh, lace-strap and toebox. A white midsole sits below, completing the palette.

Better yet, it’s a true throwback, featuring the traditional hightop silhouette and vintage branding, ie “NIKE AIR” on the tongue-tag and a blank heel (read: no Jumpman) for <hr>

The Fashion Herve Leger Bandage Dresses

Herve Leger is a celebrity favorite, as designer Max Azria’s body hugging signature bandage dresses have a high fashion appeal but are still body-conscious and wearable.

Still, Azria is often criticized as a designer for refusing to stray from the bandage design that propelled his brand into mainstream notoriety. After all, how many short, tight striped dresses can one fashion house make?

Well, Azria marched his response to this question down the Mercedes Benz Fashion week runways this past week. The answer? At least 32 more.The collection managed to reinvent the bandage dresses is a more cutting edge way. Azria showed conceptual herve leger bandage dresses with dramatic cuts and complicated detailing.

The typical skin tight Leger mini dresses have graduated to angular, sculpted frocks. In some pieces, the bandaging technique is abandoned altogether in favor of elaborate weaving, although there is always a subtle nod to the original thrown in masterfully.

Check out some looks from the Fall 2013 runway collection at <hr>

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Isabel Marant Trainers are referred to as with unique brands. You may perhaps find out another person's phone these individuals Isabel Marant Professional skateboarding athletic shoes, Isabel Marant Footwear, or Isabel Marant Taking walks athletic shoes. What there're labeled is usually unrelated. Generally, Trainers are put on for relaxed outings in addition to for pleasurable. There usually are actually many several brands of Isabel Marant Footwear out there.

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Joanne Froggatt in a Colorblocked Herve Leger Dress

Wow. Who knew that Downton Abbey‘s head maid, Anna Bates, looked like this underneath layers and layers of servant frock? Joanne Froggatt, the actress playing Anna in the critically acclaimed series, made sure to look absolutely 21st century, and she pulled it off with insanely high-flying colors. The 33-year-old popped up on the blue carpet for the London premiere of Filth at the Odeon West End dressed up in a very current Herve Leger bandage dress.

The actress had little need to put on jewelry to accompany the dress, thanks to its busy textures, lines, shapes, and colors. The colorblocked herve leger bandage dress clung on to Joanne’s figure nicely, showing off a gorgeous hourglass silhouette. Whoever said horizontal stripes add extra pounds clearly has not seen this dress. Joanne styled her Herve Leger with a Jimmy Choo calf leather clutch and a pair of the infamous curved heeled Walter Steiger shoes.

We think this dress is absolutely gorgeous, but we’re not quite sure if it’s an appropriate pick for the event. For one, its hues are quite dark, almost sad, which doesn’t really help a celebrity stand out, especially at night. We’re huge fans of the dress’ cut and construction, though. Still, Joanne could have gone for a brighter pick to match her shocking show of golden tresses. Overall, it was a good look but one that was very safe.

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Are the Isabel Marant Sneaker Wedges over?

It’s hard to think of a shoe in the last two years that’s had a bigger impact on the industry than the Isabel Marant Sneaker Wedges. Marant took a totally dead look – seriously, no one at all has cared about high-heeled sneakers in the past ten years – and suddenly made it the thing that fashion lovers and self-styled It Girls had to get their well-manicured hands on. There were many times when Net-a-Porter would put a fresh shipment of Marant’s sneakers online at 6 a.m. and they’d be completely sold out by the time I woke up at 7:30, no matter which version or color the sneakers were. Are those days over?

The Isabel Marant Bayley Sneaker Wedges, above, have been available at Net-a-Porter for three days. After two days, one size – FR 41 – had sold out. Is that because customers find the star on this pair less desirable, despite the good colors of the shoe overall? Other versions of the Marant sneaker wedge, which lack the uber-popular oversized tongue and hightop look, have been available on the site for some time, but this is the longest I can remember a version like this one lasting.

Is it the star? Is it the flood of similar, less expensive, more easily available sneaker wedges to the market, which may have reduced demand for the original because of their extremely similar look? Is the populace merely coming to its senses over high-heeled sneakers, for cryin’ out loud? Important questions, these. I have a feeling it’s a little bit of all three – have you noticed any change in the trend? If you’re so inclined, you can pick up this pair for $640 via Net-a-Porter and <hr>

All about Isabel Marant Sneakers

Isabel Marant Sneakers first surfaced on Chictopia's streetstyle gallery in Winter 2012 seen on San Diego blogger irisanddaniel of Since then, Isabel Marant Sneakers have grown in popularity as bloggers from London, Belgium, and Los Angeles have discovered them. Isabel Marant Sneakers are generally seen in casual, comfortable, and basic style. Popular types of Isabel Marant Sneakers are high top, ko itemtrend ebay, bobby, sneaker wedge, and wedge. Blogger's favorite colors are black, bronze, beige, and camel.

There are currently 204 streetstyle photos of bloggers wearing Isabel Marant Sneakers. Most recently, blogger Henar_ohmyvogue wore her Isabel Marant sneakers with a Zara jacket and Celine purse. <hr>

Air Jordan 11 GAMMA BLUE | Still One More Look

Can you believe it? After a year or so of waiting, the Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue release date is — finally! — nearly upon us.

Effectively a blacked-out XI, the shoe sports that color throughout the upper — Cordura mesh base; patent leather mudguard; leather heel — and even extends to the midsole and inner-lining. Sparse but striking contrast then comes by way of blue and gold on the tongue- and heel-branding, while an icily translucent outsole rounds out the look.

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