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My beliefs help me emotionally.

on Wed, 04/18/2012 - 19:16

My belief that there is a diamond the size of a refrigerator buried in my backyard brings me comfort. I have never seen the diamond except in dreams, but knowing that I can dig it up whenever I like helps me get through hard times. I also find it upsetting when people tell me I shouldn't base my financial planning on the diamond. It's my money, and I can manage it however I like.

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really? for me, i find comfort in the ghost that lives in my closet and tells me what to do. if i'm ever facing a really difficult decision, i just ask "what would the ghost do?"

This is exactly what TGBSM is all about- beliefs that you have without any real evidence, and always completely in the absence of evidence. For more beliefs that may bring you comfort but shed no light on the way the world actually works, you can join the MIT [organization name deleted].

I cant wait to get into a war about who has the best most peaceful imaginary friend

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