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In the back pew

on Wed, 04/11/2012 - 20:28

I still go to church, but sometimes I worry that everything I believe is wrong.

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It's tricky, right? LIke, we most people can't touch or feel or smell him or measure him. And that is...what faith is. I would check out books by Lee Strobel - "The Case for a Creator" is allll about the scientific facts about a God, an "Intelligent Designer", and "A Case for Christ" is all about, well, Jesus and why He's "the Son of God" and stuff. Reeeeally interesting, logical, factual books that I go to allll the time when I'm struggling with "what?? I believe that someone actually rose from the dead and forgave the worlds sin? Whaat?"
I still struggle. But then I look around me, at all the good and all the bad and all the complexities and love and hatred and new life in the world, and I'm like "oh yeah, there is a God. There has to be." Because the Universe makes more sense with a God than without.
And feel free to reach out. CPW is coming up - perfect time to check out a Christian group. CCC (the group I'm involved with) is huuuuge on tackling huge questions - if you need affirmation or just want to talk, please please feel free to go to whoever you want. We love to talk, and we love to listen even more :D Good luck with your questions and stuff!!

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That's because it is wrong! I know I know, I can't prove it, but I also can't prove that this entire webpage was not designed by a cat. But you wouldn't ask me to, because that would be absurd. Let's stop accepting what people or man made books tell us is true, and base all of our beliefs on facts. I promise you will soon find that faith is not necessary, and in fact you will be a happier, more appreciative person without faith.


A cat?... That hurts my feelings...

If you want to base your life on facts, you can't end your comment with "you will be a happier, more appreciative person without faith." There are plenty of counter examples to that. If that were true, why would anyone ever be converted to Christianity?

Certainly, it is easier to be happy with faith than without it in the same way that lying to oneself about (or ignoring) anything is easier. If I could ignore my lack of meaning in the universe and pretend that just by going about my business without hurting others and perhaps a prayer or two, I will be welcomed to an infinite existence of other worldly pleasure, I guess it would be a lot easier to wake up in the morning and work a thankless 9-5. On the flip side, I never have to worry about Judgment or being punished for doubt....

I don't know what your beliefs are based on - but there is a good website called I highly recommend it. It may answer alot of your questions.

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